Lots of TV News

Pop Quiz: When she was doing speaking engagements, what did Monica Lewinsky charge? $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 or $25,000, mainly Q&A.

Is it true Tiger Woods is in rehab for drugs and alcohol in Florida, an inpatient hospital, could be there 60 days.

TV Ratings: Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest ratings just keep on slipping. … Happy news, last week there were 416,177 fewer viewers watching KUWK. … Follow-up, a top L.A. psychiatrist says all the Kardashinas have a very serious and real addiction to attention. Now I think I have heard everything. However there is some good news, America’s Got Talent has huge ratings.

TV News: Lindsay Lohan has signed to appear in England’s Sky 1 show, sick note, where she plays the girlfriend and partner of a dude who is a liar, thieving, con-man. Sounds like type casting. … Roseanne is returning to ABC in the Spring of 2018, John Goodman returns however only 8 episodes ordered. Will and Grace is returning with the entire old cast this September, NBC has ordered 12 episodes with an option for 12 more. … Tina Fey was shocked when NBC passed on her show, Sackett Sisters. Shocked!

A TV Show you shouldn’t miss, Gypsy, starring Naomi Watts. She plays a NYC high end therapist who decides to get personally involved in her professional clients life and the story lines are fabulous. Netflix June 30th. … Jim Carrey has taken interest in the real current news story of a grandpa thief who only robs Dollar Stores in Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Idaho and Utah. Carrey thinks it would make a hilarious TV movie and Grandpa is still on the run.

Court Docket: Rumor, rumor, Bill Cosby’s attorneys may claim Cosby has been suffering from some type of brain damage that caused his behavior.

Answer – $10,000.

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