Lots Of Hollywood And Politics

Pop Quiz: All this week, our Pop Quiz deals with famous people and where are they buried. Today, Where is Charles Lindbergh, the first man to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean buried. Is it Maui, San Diego, St. Louis or Washington D.C.?

Hollywood and Politics: Vegas has laid odds, if, Kid Rock runs for Senate from Michigan, he would be a 5-1 favorite to win. … Just a reminder, It was Sean Penn who went to Venezuela and stuck his head up President Nicolás Maduro’s butt saying he wished Maduro was our president. Update Nicolás Maduro has declared himself Venezuela’s dictator and is massacring his own people. … Hollywood celebrities scary new trend, celebrities hiring body guards who carry machine guns. That can’t be good.

Disgusting Celebrity News: The only thing more disgusting than Madonna auctioning off her dirty underwear is word that it’s not her dirty underwear, not worn by her. Which also begs the question, who would want it? … Pete Rose being sued for statutory rape of a 15 year old back in the 1970’s, and the rumor is it was an on going thing. Stay tuned. … Robert Pattinson openly admits he is hopelessly addicted to hard pornography. … I am shocked when I see anybody still smoking, but shocked to learn Paris Jackson is a 2 pack smoker a day. Somebody stop her.

Talk David Beckham is that he’s so scared of birds, if he sees 3 or more, he will run inside as fast as he can. It’s officially called, ornithobia. Okay.

Congress is ridiculous. Those clowns just passed a law forbidding veterans from using medical marijuana for chronic pain. These guys should be allowed to take anything to stop their pain. We are talking war veterans, but congress says no pot! Shame on Congress and Donald Trump.

Answer – The first man to fly solo across the Atlantic is buried in Maui.

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