“Leave? Over Your Dead Body”

Pop Quiz: I was in the Christian Dior store in New York 2 weeks ago, almost bought a plain white T-shirt with the word Revolution on the front, however the price stopped me, what did the T-shirt cost, $250, $450, $650 or $850?

Love Nuggets: Double wow, is it true Selena Gomez has told The Weekend, Okay, if you don’t want to get married, just make me pregnant. … More wow, New York banker Scott Shiff has named Rosie O’Donnell in his divorce suit claiming Rosie stole his wife and got her involved in a lesbian affair. … Married on Saturday was Robbie Bower and Andrea Massella. They made a deal 2 years ago she had to lose 120 pounds, and Robbie had to lose 450 pounds, he did, she did and they did. Post headline screams, “They Are Fit To Be Married.”

Movie News: The hideous King Arthur made $14 million this weekend, it cost $175 Million to make, what a bomb.

Odds and Ends: Is it true, Charley Sheen is so out of it, some say he should be institutionalized. … There’s a tell-all book coming about Tom Cruise, and his very violent temper. … Tony Pastor has been convicted of killing his girlfriend’s miniature yorkie. He had denied it, until 2 former girlfriends came forward and testified, he killed their dogs years earlier, beating them to death. He’s looking at 2 years in prison.

NY Post headline: About the parents of a 31 year old trouble making daughter who refused to leave their house so the parents got an eviction notice, but when they gave it to their daughter, she shot her dad dead. Post Headline screamed, “Leave? Over Your Dead Body.”

Answer – I couldn’t believe it, $850. I bought a tuxedo for that.

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