Last Minute Christmas Shopping

Merry Christmas week, the Pop Quiz theme this week is what kind of cars celebrities drive. Name the celebrity who drives a Range Rover, get’s a new one every year, Charleze Theron, Carrie Underwood, Kaley Cuoco or Margot Robbie?

Last Minute Christmas Shopping: Duane ‘The Rock’ Johnson with his 2 kids at The Grove in Los Angeles, also had a couple friends helping carry gifts. Also shopping at The Grove, Reese Witherspoon and her 18 year old daughter, hottie Ava Philippe. Ava makes her acting debut in 2018, it’ll be a great year for her. … Vince Vaughn shopping on Chicago’s Miracle Mile, with his dad and younger brother, obviously buying for ladies, in Victoria Secret and Winston’s Jewelry. … Also shopping in ORD with what appeared to be a joint in his mouth, Bill Murray. … In N.Y. Woody Allen, Jerry Seinfeld and Michael Jordan all at Macy’s on 5th Ave. … In their Brooklyn neighborhood shopping with her kids, Sarah Jessica Parker. A couple blocks away, Anne Hathaway window shopping with her chocolate Labrador, Esmeralda. … The biggie, is it true Brad Pitt was shopping after hours on Rodeo Drive with the first love of his life, and close friend, Gwyneth Paltrow. What’s that all about.

Great Cheap Gift: Tickets to the Chicago Bears, New York Jets, Houston Texans or Arizona Cardinals games Sunday, tickets are available starting at $8, more available at $15, and plenty at $20.

With album sales non-existence, holiday concerts being canceled, also the tour to Australia and New Zealand canceled, and a television pilot has been delayed to further notice, were talking about Mariah Carey. What’s up with that? 2017 can’t get any worse for Harvey Weinsleaze, but hold on, it just might. Word that a couple boyfriends and husbands of women sleazy sexually assaulted say they’ll bust him up if they can find him.

Answer – Charleze Theron.

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