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Pop Quiz: Name the name that was not a name until made up and used in a epic Broadway play. Is it Wendy, Lacy, Britney or Tammy?

Just learned, very important, want to share. The first thing you should eat every morning is fresh fruit. Before toast, coffee or breakfast. fresh fruit, not cooked, and never drink cold beverages first 6 hours you are up. New studies say this will improve and increase your life. This is a big deal folks.

Love Nuggets: Is it true Ben Affleck has been in contact with Tiger Woods, reportedly asking Tiger about being a sex addict. Ben has had four affairs in the last year. … Last year I said there were rumors that Barack and Michelle will get a divorce after leaving the White House, I don’t know what the deal is but Barrack has been photographed in Italy and Germany without his wedding ring. … Biggest cheater, married man in Hollywood is definitely Ashton Kutcher.

Odds and Ends: Gwyneth Paltrow is building a 14,000 sq. foot mansion in Montecito, California with a wine orchard, next to Oprah. … Shia Labeouf was arrested in Georgia, being drunk, and disorderly. The reason he’s stayed out of trouble for almost a year is, for last 9 months he’s been in seclusion in France, Denmark, Switzerland and Finland. A month after his returning home. Shia’s back in the slammer. … T.V. ratings news, Gong Show is gone, Big Brother, bigger than ever.

Quote Time: I never understood that, Roses are Red poem, I mean for the record, Roses are Red, but violets are violet, not blue. Hello?

Answer – Wendy was never used as a name. It was made up in 1906 by author J.M. Barrie when he wrote Peter Pan, and named the girl Wendy.

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