“It’s Frankenslime”

Pop Quiz Theme, celebrities who went. Today, name the celebrity went Bankrupt. Is it Teddy Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John Adams or Ulysses S. Grant?

First things first, So sad to hear about David Cassidy.

Celebrity Sighting: Walked into the Mission Hills Golf course pro shop few miles from my house, there buying golf balls, surprise, Steven Tyler.

Love Nuggets: Harvey Weinsleaze’s wife wants a fast track divorce because she says she deserves half of everything now, not half of what’s left after the 24 civil lawsuits from the women he has abused are settled. … Ryan Seacrest has troubles, sexual misconduct, now possible tax misconduct. … And, there has been serious talk in last few months with senior members of the Democrat Party to run Franken for President in 2020, but won’t happen now. Remind’s me, above the photo of Al Franken groping a sleeping woman, Post Headline screamed, “It’s Frankenslime.”

Cat Fight: Pamela Anderson and Naomi Campbell were at the same charity event and Pam saw Naomi wearing a fur coat, Pam went nuts telling Naomi they killed 40 animals for her stupid coat. Naomi told Pam to mind her own biz, Pam called her an animal killer and some other names I can’t say on radio.

Odds and Ends: If you are going to N.Y. opening today, the cloths, cars, props and more from the TV show Downton Abbey are going on exhibit at 218 W 57th for 30 days. Tickets are $30, exhibit for only 30 days.

N.Y. Post Headline: Richard Lussi told his family when he died he wishes he could take his favorite food, cheesesteak from Pat’s restaurant with him so when he was buried last week they included Pat’s cheesesteaks, headline screamed, “May He Rest in Cheese.”

Answer – After the civil war, Ulysses S. Grant had to file bankruptcy.

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