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All week long, the Pop Quiz theme are celebrities who speak multiple languages. Today, name the star who speaks English, Korean and French. Sandra Oh, Jackie Chan, Emma Watson or Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson?

Hottest Scoop Of The Week: Is it true, a grand jury is being convened in N.Y. and L.A. and Harvey Weinsleze most likely face criminal charges.

Love Nuggets: 2 losers, first Julie Johnson. She’s a woman who wants to marry monstrous, murder, music, producer Phil Spector who’s in prison doing 19 to life. Ms. Johnson had never met the murdered, she’s just a big fan who writes him and visits him everyday. What a loser. … Next, O.J. Simpson already has a girlfriend, some woman he met at a bar in Las Vegas, they’ve been on 5 dates. Love is blind, clueless and not conscious. … Ben Affleck’s recent behavior has so upset ex-Jennifer Garner she’s demanding a court order before allowing Ben child visitation rights, and she refuses to let their children meet his new concubine.

Spotted Lisa Marie Presley Keough Jackson Cage Lockwood at the Beverly Hills Whole Foods, and she looks like a cross between an old bag lady and an 80 year old Goth witch. What in the world happened to L.M.P.K.J.C.Lockwood?

Rip-Off Report: Subway’s Footlong sandwich’s are only 11 inches. … Papa John’s robo text promotions often not honored when you pay the bill. … Junior Mints are 43% air, 57% candy. … Starbucks puts 75% ice in cold Venti drinks, you get only 60% beverage.

Odds and Ends: Cher’s retired 17 times, but she’s currently in Croatia shooting the sequel of Mamma Mia, playing Meryl Streep’s mother, despite Meryl is 65 and Cher is 71. When she’s through with that she’ll start rehearsal for her huge, The Cher Show on Broadway.

Answer – Sandra Oh.

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