Here’s Some Word Trivia

Pop Quiz: What did the word Rap mean when first introduced in the United States. Was it Farting, eating, sleeping or dancing?

TV News: Saw the first part of Oliver Stone’s 4 part interview series with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Oliver Stone is pathetic, he had his head so far up Putin’s butt, he could have been giving him a colonoscopy! Oliver Stone said, “Vladimir is the greatest man I have ever met.” Actually, Putin is a horrible, blood thirsty, murdering, former KGB thug. … Fear Factor back on the air, did you see it? I’d rather look into the sun.

Ratings News: Okay, Stephen Colbert beat Jimmy Fallon, 3.26 million viewers to 3.18 million viewers. But let’s put this in prospective, if you add both their ratings together that means only 2 people out of ever 100 watch them combined.

Odds and Ends: And where has Steve Carell been? He’s been taking time off, but will stretch his acting chops in his next film, Beautiful Boy. Steve plays the father who tries to see his son through a meth addiction. A lot different from the Office.

Answer – It came from England, back in King Henry VII days, and it meant, breaking wind aka, farting. The American modern terminology first came in 1965 in the song, Michael the Lover by Chicago Soul trio, C.O.D., their lyrics said, “The Girls think his rap is strong.” They knew the original meaning and wrote it thinking it was hilarious.

While I’m at it, the origin for the word hooker was not that of a prostitute, in the early 19oo’s, in New York, there where people who would steel clothing from a cloths line using a hook on a pole, they were called hookers.

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