Happy New Year! Report for Monday, Jan 2nd

Happy New Year, Pop Quiz theme this week, celebrities and their nicknames. Today, name the celebrity who’s nickname is, Mr. 86. Is it Sean Penn, Andy Dick, Chevy Chase or Vince Vaughn?

Love Nuggets: Trouble in Paradise, a couple high profile Hollywood marriages seem to be shaky, if not down right on the rocks. First, no surprise here, Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston. Living separate and this marriage has been on the bubble for years. And there’s been talk that Jennifer and Brad Pitt have been in communications, Sstay tuned folks. … Big surprise, but Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have sold their Nashville home and are in seclusion, in Australia and are trying to work out what ever their problems are. It’s another stay tuned. … Three weeks ago I told you Paris Hilton (36) wants to have a baby and she and boyfriend, Chris Zylka were secretly planning to get married, on New Years Eve, Paris broke out her engagement ring for the first time. … And fresh out of sex addiction rehab, Ben Affleck wants Jennifer Garner and the family back, however, Jennifer doesn’t trust him. Ah duh?

Movie News: Don’t always agree whether a movie is good or bad, however, we can all agree the worse movies of 2017 were Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales, Perfect Pitch 3, Power Rangers, and The Emoji movie.

These girls got game. First 11 year old Suri Cruise has been taking skiing lessons since she was 4 and professionals in Park City’s Deer Valley say she’s good enough to ski competitive against 16 year old’s heading pro. And, Paris Jackson is a good enough skateboarder to compete against any girl.

Answer – After being thrown out of a bar 3 times in Wilmington, North Carolina, Vince Vaughn tagged with the nickname, Mr. 86.

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