Happy Halloween!

Last week, Pop Quiz theme was all about celebrities who hate, this week’s theme, celebrities who love. Today, name the celebrity who loves books, reads 3-5 a week, Emma Watson, Kaley Cuoco, Blake Lively, or Lucy Liu?

Love Nugget: What I told you a few weeks ago has come true, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together again. And both have found God, attending Church 3 times in the last week. And, they want to do a television show together. … I’ve also been telling you that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are the real deal, well, add this nugget, Meghan is taking very private lessons for the proper way to eat, how to behave in public gatherings, and manners for all situations, and all these lessons provided by the Royal Family. Question, when’s the wedding?

Happy Halloween! And guests at George Clooney’s big Halloween party tonight include, Cindy Crawford, Seth MacFarlane, Mark Wahlberg, Kartrashians and 6 foot tall Nicole Kidman dressed up as 5 foot 3, 95 year old Betty White. My invite must have got lost in the mail. … More Halloween, I hear Brad and Angelina will be together tonight to take their kids Trick or Treating.

Sports Shorts: Dodgers and Astro will roll in the dirt again tonight here in Los Angeles, and the most famous Dodger of all-time, Jackie Robinson’s original baseball cap was sold Saturday here at action for 590,000 dollars. And while I’m pulling for my old employer the Dodgers to win, either way, what a great World Series. Best in years.

Odds and Ends: Why would people be throwing eggs and rocks at 375 Greenwich street in NYC? Because that’s Jerry Weinstein’s office. … Biggest crop loss in the California wild fires, millions lost in marijuana crops.

Answer – Emma Watson

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