“Gwen Brings Holiday Sheer”

Pop Quiz Theme, celebrities who went. Today, name the celebrity who went to jail. Is it Sonny Bono, Nick Cage, Jerry Springer or Don Knotts?

Bah Humbug Department: What’s up at Macy’s in New York, you have to phone in a reservation for your kid to sit on Santa’s lap, and it will cost $25.

Weinsleaze/Kevin Spacey are back at The Meadows Rehab center where they treat all kinds of addictions. Other’s who have spent time at Meadows, Elton John, Kate Moss, Ell McPhearson, Selena Gomez, Tiger Woods, Rush Limbaugh, a member of the Royal family and countless other athletes and stars.

I’m Confused, it was Colin Kaepernick who started this whole thing, kneeling during the national anthem. He’s a 30 year old college flukout who brags he’s never voted and begs everybody who will listen, never ever vote! And he was named, Man of the year by GQ Mag. Man of the year! According to the World census from Stockholm, there are 7,530,103,737 people on earth, and Kapernick is the best the man of the year.

Odds and Ends: Most folks who have been around Brad and Angelina’s kids, say they are loud, obnoxious, spoiled brats. Maybe they need a father figure in their life, like Brad said before Angelina left him, claiming Brad was too strict. … Johnny Depp wants to change his image, get away from the Disney pictures and Jack Sparrow. Says, “I want to do evil, shocking and raw stuff.” … Maids of honor at Serena Williams wedding last week, Beyonce and Eva Longoria.

Leonardo DiCaprio couldn’t afford $450 million for that Da Vinci painting, now he has his eyes on buying part of the N.Y. Mets.

N.Y. Post Headline: Gwen Stefani appeared at a holiday party wearing a seethru outfit. Post Headline screamed, “Gwen Brings Holiday Sheer.”

Answer – Nic Cage went for Tax evasion.

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