Have A Great & Safe New Year!

This week’s Pop Quiz theme, how well do you remember 2017? Today, name the celebrity who said the Harvey Weinsleaze sex harassment was a witch hunt. Is it Larry King, Woody Allen or Meryl Streep?

Media predictions for 2018. The Office TV show will return and will be in the Top 10. That the all new Celebrity Big Brother will be in the top 10. TV Shows this springs that will be hits, The return of Ozark on Netflix, David Bowie: The Last Five Years, a great biopic on HBO January 8th. This Is Us returns January 9th on NBC, my wife loves it, I can’t stand it, just me. … Black Lighting on the CW on January 16th. The first network’s Black super hero, great!

I have covered everything from Timothy McVeigh, Unabomber, 3 O.J. Trials, 911, 20 Super Bowls, 36 Championship Boxing matches, 18 World Series, Pro Bowls, 6 Inaugurations, 8 Final Fours, Presidential elections, and a lot of other stuff, however, the worst of the worst is the Rose Bowl and Rose Parade. 5 million people cramming into Pasadena for 36 solid hours. I Rather have root canal. I’ve covered 8 Rose Bowl games and attended about a dozen Rose Parades, going to parties of friends who lived on Colorado Blvd, went to the first time when I was 10 years old with my Grandmother, and I’ve attended 2 Rose Parades because I had a daughter and a son who marched in it with their High School band. I say all this to say, never, never again. And if you get a chance to spend New Years Day in Pasadena, take my suggestion. Pasadena, watch on TV.

Answer – Woody Allen.

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