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Pop Quiz: Having worked in the media since I was 16, I’ve been very blessed to interview a lot of celebrities and powerful people, including former President Ronald Reagan and I also knew his first wife, Jane Wyman. I was surprised when I learned where Reagan and Wyman were married. Was it on an airplane, in a submarine, on top of a volcano or in a cemetery?

Love Nugget: Hollywood’s most guilty couple of Public Display Affection is Kristen Stewart and galpal, Stella Maxwell. People yell at them to get a room. … A different type of love, Tom Hanks never makes a show business move without first running it by his 35 year old daughter Elizabeth, who also writes and directs. … And Jennifer Lawrence never takes a part or makes a move without first getting her fathers approval and green light.

Movie News: They are shoe-ins for nominations for the Razzies Awards, for the worst of the year, House, for the worst movie, Amy Pohler for worse actress in House and Will Farrell for worse Actor in House, stinking it up.

Great Quote: From Charles Barkley on Social Media, “It is the worst thing ever happened, because it gives every fool in the world an opinion on everything, and we read it.”

A hilarious headline from a North Korean newspaper, although I don’t think they meant it to be funny. After shooting a intercontinental missile that could reach our 49th state, N.K. paper screamed, “Kiss Your Alaska Good-bye.”

Answer – The Glendale Forrest Lawn Cemetery built in 1903 also has a beautiful area for weddings, and has been the site of over 42,000 weddings, including Ronald Reagan and Jayne Wyman. Celebrities buried there, Humphrey Bogart, Walt Disney and Clark Gable.

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