Go Dodgers! Game One Of World Series Tonight

All week long, the Pop Quiz theme are celebrities who hate, they hate all kinds of things. Today, name the celebrity who hates working out, does it but hates it. Is it Jennifer Aniston, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Michelle Obama?

O.J. Simpson is going car shopping, but his daughter Arnele will pay for it and put it in her name so the Goldman’s can’t attach it. That O.J. is a classy guy. Last week Juice passed the drivers license test, only missed 7, you can miss 8. And great news, O.J. has now taken his new girlfriend out 6 times and hasn’t killed her yet. Good for O.J.

Pedophile Head’s Up: A world known gymnast could soon come forward to expose being sexual assaulted during the Olympics when she was a teenager. And some Hollywood pedophilia news, could break later this week. … The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, have revoked Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski’s membership. Well, it’s about time, Polanski was convicted of child molesting 40 years ago, hello?

TV Head’s Up: Young Sheldon returns November 2, and with it’s debut topping 20 million viewers, this will be the biggest hit in the fall. Reboot news, Magnum PI isreturning to CBS, naturally an all new cast, but all shot in Hawaii. Best writers in Hollywood attached.

Real Estate News: Ryan Seacrest still has his Beverly Hills mansion, but since he works in NY with Kelly Ripa, first Ryan rented a West Village condo for $30,000 a month, but moved uptown to 68th street into another rental, that cost, $75,000 a month. However, now he wants to move back to the Village, and has bought a 4 Bedroom, 4 bathroom, 4700 Square foot penthouse. Cost $24.5 million.

Answer – Michelle Obama.

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