Funny Unscheduled Stop

Pop Quiz: Movie History week. Name the Oscar winner who made the longest acceptance speech, Jamie Foxx, Al Pacino, Halle Berry or Matthew McConaughey?

Show Biz Buisness: Cate Blanchette will play Lucille Ball in her bio-pic, Lucy was the meanest, most hateful human being in Hollywood history, and in fact they couldn’t even keep workers at Desi/Lu. Wonder if they’ll include that in biopic. … 2 weeks ago, Mick Jagger released 2 new singles, so far 1800 have sold, sad.

Odds and Ends: Bill Cosby had 11 attorneys, however 6 have quit, what does that tell ya. … Ron Howard usually uses his brother, Clint in some minor role in his films, However, Ron says Clint will have a major role in his new big Han Solo film. … Have you ever been to Madison Square Garden in NYC? For the record, the Madison Square Garden building is round, not square. The location where the round Madison Square Garden sits was the location of the 4 square block, Madison Square Garden Park. The name Madison Square Garden Stuck. … It happened last week but still very funny, an Air Canada flight had to make an unscheduled stop to drop it’s load. A false alarm showed toilets were overloaded. The Athens to Toronto flight had to stop in Montreal to relieve itself.

Speaking of Canada, I’m headed there today to visit my Canadian affiliates, play golf and drink some wine. MP3’s tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday, and back in the old USA live with you on Wednesday.

Answer – Those folks did give the 4 longest speeches, but the longest of all was Matthew McConaughey when he won for Dallas Buyers Club, 555 words. For your information, the shortest speech was Joe Pesci for Goodfella’s, with just 6 words.

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