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Pop Quiz Theme is celebrities who went to school together and were friends. Seth MacFarlane and Jim Parsons, Jennifer Aniston and Chastity Bono, or Christina Applegate and Winona Ryder?

Love Nuggets: David Beckham’s son Brooklyn, only 18, is telling friends he wants to marry his 20 year old girlfriend, Chloe Grace Moretz. Daddy said no. … Best friends and regular double daters, at least once a month, Paul McCartney and his wife with Steve Buscemi and his wife. … CBS has cancelled Wisdom Of The Crowd, despite the ratings being strong, IIT, the real reason is star Jeremy Piven can’t get along with anybody and could be MORE sexual misconduct coming for Piven.

Music Notes: For the third time in the last month, 82 year old Jerry Lee Lewis has done a surprise 30 minute live concert, the last one here in Los Angeles at the ACE club. And he still has it, sings Great Balls Of Fire, Beethoven and he even stands up on the piano. … Latest on The Grammys, Lady Gaga is reportedly upset she was snubbed by the academy, but it was Kanye West who lost it. Called the Grammy folks names I can’t say on radio, but Kanye brags his, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album was better than all the other nominated songs combined, I’d say that’s a strech in fact I’d call it a flat out lie. … One more Grammy note, Steven Tyler says he is throwing the biggest Grammy party ever, over 200 VIP people invited, will cost a $million to throw. Only one problem, the Grammy’s are in New York, Tyler’s party is in Los Angeles.

Sports Shorts: Tiger Woods is back on the Tour starting today, prediction, Tiger will finish in the Top 15.

Answer – Jennifer Aniston and Chasity Bono. N.Y. School for the Arts H.S.

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