First Things First

Aloha from Hawaii, all week long your Pop Quiz will be to name the star who’s had a nose job. So, who has had a nose? Is it Oprah, Penelope Cruz, Hillary Clinton or Scarlett Johansson?

First thing first, so sorry to hear of the passing of fellow KROQ allumni Carson Daily’s mother, Patty Daily Caruso. Carson of course joined the Voice and the Today Shows after leaving KROQ. Patty lived in Palm Desert, and I would see and talk to her occasionally. She was very proud of Carson, the only time she told me she was not was when he was dating Tara Reed. Rest in peace.

TV News: There is so much humbug, chaos and confussion at American Idol, from Katy Perry vetoing judgs, sponsors bailing and more, it may never air.

Is it true, the general public is just had enough of celebrities always voicing their opinions on politics, world affairs, local law enforcment, being political correct and on and on, rather than just acting and doing their job. I think so. How else do you explain movie Box Office has been a disaster for 2 years, TV ratings down in general, Sunday’s Emmys were the worse rated in years, same with the Golden Globes, Tonys and Oscars. I get mail from listeners who say they will boycott various loudmouth celebrities, no matter what their political views.

And Hollywood is judgemental and can’t even shut-up even when talking about their own, even when obvious they are clueless. Celebrities screaming Nicole Kidman shamed herself when she didn’t thank her 2 adult kids she had with bozo Tom Cruise. Those 2 adult kids, are Scientologist, and they consider their mom an undesirable, they dispise her, certainly have never helped her nor did they deserve her thanks after winning the Emmy. And Hollywood puts their foot in their mouth again.

Answer – Scarlett Johansson.

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