Documentary News and Crime Nuggets

All week long, the Pop Quiz theme are celebrities who can’t. Today, name the celebrity who can’t drive. Is it Tim Burton, Sam Elliott, Barbara Streisand or Cher?

Documentary News: Former NYC fireman, Steve Buscemi will produce and direct a documentary about his former Ladder Company’s and their duties 9/11. … Jason Clarke will play Ted Kennedy in Chappaquiddick, and detail Ted’s life and the night he got drunk, put a car in a river that killed the woman inside. … Chris Pine will play Robert F. Kennedy in a TV biopic, a good story. … A biopic already in the works about Hugh Hefner, and Jared Leto will play Hef. … Bill Murray may be playing Chicago Cub manager Joe Maddon in a TV biopic.

Crime Nuggets: So thrilled the truth is coming out on perv Harvey Weinstain. I hope and pray the sex deviant goes to prison with Bill Cosby. Both are scum. … I have a suggestion that may have prevented the massacre in Las Vegas. Stop allowing hotel guests to put do not disturb signs on their rooms for days-n-days. Maids or an hotel employee should be allowed to check every room a couple times a day. If that was the rule, the killer would not have been able to sneak in 34 guns, scopes, launchers etc. in that room over a 4 day period.

TV News: Television City is the CBS studio that has been TV-HQ for decades here in L.A. I’ve seen hundreds of shows there and has been the home of shows from All In The Family, Carol Burnett, Sonny and Cher, Cosby, all game shows, daytime soaps, to VEEP and DWTS. But sadly the historic building, located on Fairfax and Beverly Blvd, CBS put it on the block, listed for $765 million dollars.

Answer – Barbra Streisand. Other celebrities who can’t drive, Kate Beckinsale, Russell Brand and Rickie Gervais.

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