“Deutch Bag”

Pop Quiz: What does Lady Gaga say makes her cry just talking about it? Is it her kittens and puppies, her parents, her career or being an American?

Legal News: When Jim Carrey’s ex-fiance, Catherina White’s family announced they were filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Jim for supplying her with the drugs that killed her, jerk Carrey got an attitude and he filed a $372,000 claim against the family to pay his lawyer fees. However, scoop is evidence will show Carey did supply her the drugs that killed her and probably will be found responsible for her death, and probably have to pay millions dollars. Idiot Jim Carrey has dropped the demand for his attorney fees to be paid.

Odds and Ends: There’s a tell all book coming out about the infamous, Studio 54 in NYC. The book tells of Mick Jagger having sex as people watched, Jack Nicholson and Marlon Brando stoned out of their minds, Robert De Niro locking himself in a bathroom with 8 hookers and a jacuzzi filled with Champagne, John Belushi challenging anybody to do bigger lines of coke than him, and Robin Williams taking him up on it. Madonna making out with a half dozen Hells Angels. Anna Nicole Smith dancing topless, Freddy Mercury rushed from Studio 54 to a hospital fearing an OD and a regular who never did drugs, never drank that was so boring was often asked to leave named, Donald J. Trump.

N.Y. Post Headline: With Subways deadlocked, Penn Station closed, crime taking over NYC, the day after another New York Police officer was assassinated, the worse mayor in the history of New York, Bill DeBlasio flew to Germany to march against Trump. Over the picture of Mayor DeBlasio in Germany, protesting with radicals in the streets, Post Headline screamed, “Deutch Bag.”

Answer – Being an American.

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