Crime News And Scoopage

All week long, Pop Quiz theme are celebrities who speak multiple languages. Today, name the star who speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese. Benicio Del Toro, Penelope Cruz, Shakira or Javier Bardem?

Love Nuggets: Howie Mandel says he has an all new love. No, he’s still happily married to his wife Terry of 47 years, Howie’s new love is his 7 year old granddaughter, Mandy who he takes everywhere. … Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are still dating, but they fight in public as much as kiss in public. … More setting the record straight, Ashton Kutcher has like a split personality, carouses, gambles, drinks. However, always spends holidays with his family, he’s a great father, and big giver to charities, good for him. Ah, I think?

Here’s the scoopage. Since Lindsay Lohan was 17, she has been very close to Weinsleaze. And is it true, when she was in big financial trouble, it was Weinsleaze who loaned her money. So, no surprise Lindsay is the only star to support the sleazer since the story broke. I can say no more.

Today, a l0t of crime news. Most Dangerous States per capita 10. So. Dakota, 9. Delaware, 8. Missouri, 7. Nevada, 6. Tennessee, 5. Michigan, 4. N.M, 3. Ark, 2. So. Carolina, and #1, Alaska. However, 85% of all gun crimes are committed in just 5 cities. New York, L.A., Baltimore, Chicago and Detroit.

No surprise here, in NYC there is a gang of 4 or 5 very hot 20-ish year old women who frequent high end clubs and allow 70 year old geezers to pick them up and take them home where girls drug them and take their watches and money. In 6 months, they’ve stolen a million dollars in watches and $300,000.

Answer – Shakira.

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