Cowards at Sony!

Another Christmas Pop Quiz: Name the big Hollywood family who have a tradition of everybody getting new pajamas on Christmas Eve, and wear their new PJ’s Christmas morning when they get up and open presents. Is it the Osmond’s, Jackson’s, Pitts or Kardashian’s?

More celebrity Christmas stuff: Justin Bieber will spend Christmas at the L.A. Mission, feeding the hungry. … A new improved Simon Cowell say’s this will be the best Christmas ever, with his baby mama, Lauren Silverman and their 10 month old son, Eric’s 1st Christmas. … Worse radio Christmas, I was on KLSY in Seattle, with the morning show, Murdock, Hunter and Alice, and they were fired, at the station Christmas party!

Movie Reviews: Annie with Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz, produced by Will and Jada Smith, this is the same old Annie on Broadway, but not nearly as good. You’ll love it if you are a 10 year old girl. (PG) – (2 Hours) – (2 Stars) And there’s Nightmare at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. Ben Stiller is back along with a lot of other surprises. It’s funny, the best of the trilogy, and this is the last film Robin Williams and Mickey Rooney made. (PG) – (90 Minutes) – (3 Stars)

Sony should be ashamed of themselves for caving in to computer nerds and North Korea, a backward, ignorant country. Just release the stupid movie! And now stars are lining up saying they’ll never work for the cowards at Sony!

Date in History, Dec 19. 1998, President Bill Clinton was Impeached by Congress and I was in the Chambers to hear testimony, he was obviously acquitted.

Answer – The Osmond’s.

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