“Could Be A Lost Cos”

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Pop Quiz: Name the star who’s real name is Tara Patrick. is it Courtney Love, Elvira, Shania Twain or Carmen Electra?

Sad Love Nugget: Jim Carrey did not agree to any out of court settlement so, the wrongful death suit against him, brought by his ex-fiancée’ family for supplying her the drugs that killed her, will go forward.

Predictions: I think the J-Lo and Stray Rod relationship will be over soon. … After Megyn Kelly got her butt kicked in the ratings by 60 Minutes and the lowest Tony Awards in history and Celebrity Family Feud, Megan Kelly’s days are numbered and it’s not going to get any better.

Odds and Ends: I, Tonya, currently in production is a movie about Tonya Harding starring Margot Robbie and make-up people say they deserve an Oscar nomination trying to get the hot Margot to look like trailer trash Tonya. … Another celeb daughter turned model is the incredibly beautiful, 20 year old Hailey Baldwin, she’s Stephan’s girl. … Many colleges have canceled Plumbing, Electrician and Welding classes but added Flower Arrangement, stage lighting and Poetry classes. … Washington D.C. crap, the FBI had been investigating Prince for 30 years and compiled over 12,000 pages of intelligences. What the hell is that about.

NY Post Headline: With no verdict in the Cosby matter, some say that could be bad for Bill Cosby, New York Post Headline screams, “Could Be A Lost Cos.”

Answer – We know Tara Patrick as Carmen Electra. And for your information, Michelle Harrison is better known as Courtney Love, Eileen Edwards is better knows as Shania Twain, Cass Peterson is better known as Elvira. And for the record, Michael Keaton was born Michael Douglas and Katy Perry was born Kate Hudson…The name game.


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