Christmas Week Movie Reviews & News

Merry Christmas Week. The Pop Quiz theme this week, what kind of cars celebrities drive. Name the celebrity who drives the most expensive custom made car in the world, Nick Cage, Simon Cowel, Kanye West or Jay Z?

Christmas Family Love Nuggets: J-Lo, her ex-Marc Anthony, her boyfriend A-Rod and all their combined kids will spend Christmas together. … And, Kirk Douglas, his sons Michael, Joel and grandson Cameron will do the same. This is a first for both families.

Movie Reviews: Downsizing opens tomorrow, sure it’s a delight and creative, but it’s not perfect. Great start, then it drags, then ends strong. Stars Matt Damon in this fantasy about an all new world that allows the average dude to be downsized, to 5 inches tall, which should make all his expenses and problems go down as well but there’s problems and a surprise ending (PG13) – (99 Minutes) – (3 Stars). … And then there’s, Perfect Pitch, and the third time is not the charm. Pitiful, over the top, it’s rude, crude, goofy and horrible acting. Oh yeah, not funny (Rated PG-13) – (100 Minutes) – (1 Star).

Movie News: Johnny Depp says he’s broke but he shouldn’t be, Depp has signed to produce, direct and star in over 30 upcoming movies, including Attica the State Prison, King of the Jungle/Tarzan, TV shows made into movies, Thin Man, Happy Days, and biopics, Dr. Seuss, Don Quixote and Paul Revere.

TV News: Good news/bad news, one of my favorite TV shows is coming back, just like Will and Grace. Good News, it’s the Office, bad news, no Steve Carell.

Answer – Nick Cage drives a $700,000 Ferrari, Kanye West a $750,000 Lamborghini, Simon Cowell a $1.7 million Bugatti, but it’s Jay Z, owns a custom made 8 million dollar Maybach Exelero.

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