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Pop Quiz, It’s all about celebrities who love. Today, name the celebrity who loves being frugel! Saves grocery coupons, goes to garage sales, uses teabags 3 -4 times and more. Sandra Bullock, Tina Fey, Jane Fonda or Carrie Underwood?

Love Nuggets: It appears that Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are married, or they’re jerking our lanyard, wearing matching rings and not denying it. … After dating 2 years, John McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain and Ben Domenech are officially engaged and will marry soon to make sure her dad the Senator, suffering from a brain cancer can walk her down the aisle. … You know about the madman who ran down and killed 8 people in NYC, you didn’t know, several days a week, Katie Holmes and Suri ride their bikes exactly where it happened on West Highway, they live 4 blocks away. … Leonardo DiCaprio loves Leonardo Da Vinci and will be at Christi’s bidding House where Da Vinci’s Portrait of Jesus will be auctioned, but at $125 million. Doubt Leo will be the buyer, but wont stop him from playing him in a biopic.

Movie Review: The new Thor movie is thrilling and humorous, with great effects! It’s different from any other Marvel film, and should finally help the lifeless B.O. The great battle is Thor vs the Hulk! Chris Hemsworth versus Mark Ruffalo (Rated PG-13) – (130 Minutes) – (3 Stars).

One of my best pals, Richard Blade who worked with me at KROQ has worked with music stars from Barbra Streisand to Michael Jackson and today has released a great autobiography. From a small town in England to stardom, World in My Eyes by Richard Blade, Amazon and everywhere else. World in My Eyes, by my best friend, Richard Blade. Out today.

Answer – Carrie Underwood.

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