Celeb Sightings In Palm Springs

Pop Quiz theme is Hollywood Hates. Today, name the celebrities who hate each other. Is it Kelly Osbourne and Taylor Swift, Ryan Seacrest and Rick Dees, Tom Cruz and Tom Selleck or Paul Giamatti and Kevin Costner?

Celebrity Sightings in Palm Springs. Priscilla Presley and her latest cosmetic is horrible. Okay from her nose up, but her lower face looks like it’s falling off. … Also in Palm Springs, Dan Aykroyd. Bet you didn’t know, Dan was once engaged to Carrie Fisher and Dan was with his best friend River Phoenix the night he over dosed at the Viper Club. Dan and Johnny Depp tried to resuscitate him.

Odds and Ends: The most ridiculous news item of the year was the Coachella Festival promoters saying they will not allow any pot smoking! Say what? I’ve been going to Coachella since it started, and despite pot being illegal all those years, everybody openly smoked. So why now, when pot is legal, do the promoters say it won’t be allowed. Hello, it’s legal. What next no sodas? … Did you know, one of the main singers in the old Hall of Fame rock band, was a regular cast member of a multiple Emmy winning TV show. The show was The Office, he played Creed, real name is Creed Bratton and Creed along with Warren Entner were the lead singers of the Grassroots. … Justin Timberlake and Pink will entertain at the Super Bowl halftime show. The halftime show is sponsored by Pepsi, and there’s a rumor to mark the 33 year Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s Pepsi commercial, they may run Michael’s biggest Pepsi commercials. May even show the video of the Michael’s hair fire.

Answer – Kelly Osborn took some jabs at Taylor Swift and she didn’t take it lightly, result Kelly and Taylor hate each other. It’s a big ongoing feud.

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