Could Cause the End of the Red Carpet

Pop Quiz questions this week, back to celebrities who love. Today, name the female celebrity who loves Football. She’s a football nut, watches every game she can and goes to all of her favorite NFL team’s games. Madonna, Pink, Fergie, or Adel?

Love Nuggets: If I knew Mick Jagger had concubines in NY and Paris, hard to believe the mother of his newborn baby, ballet dancer Melanie Hamrick didn’t know. Especially about the billionaire 23 Kuwaiti heiress, Noor Alfallah, and now word she could be pregnant too. This could get real ugly. … And prison officials confirm Anthony Weiner will be kept in protective custody in prison, for his own protection, child molesters and child pornographers are not safe in the general prison population. Weiner entered prison yesterday.

Radio shop talk, it’s November 7, and KABQ in Albuquerque could be the first station to go, 24/7 All Christmas music, starting Saturday.

Show Business Business: Johnny Depp has lost it, everywhere he goes, he’s acts confused and very weird. Is it drugs, some say he is sick, something up. … Suicide watch for Andy Dick, criminal sex investigation, drugs plus booze a plenty. … Happier news, Hailee Steinfeld won an Oscar at 14, was a Pop Star at 18 and now at 20 she is a Cosmopolitan Magazine Cover Girl. Good for her.

A group of folks sick of Hollywood’s oversexed ego maniacs are planning a huge demonstration at the awards shows, this could cause the end of the Red Carpet. And, it’s not just the celebrities being accused of sexual misconduct, Nashville publicist Kirt Webster has also been accused of sexual misconduct and clients, Dolly Parton, Randy Travis, Billy Ray Cyrus, Kid Rock and Kenny Rogers have all fired him.

Answer – Fergie, and her NFL team is the Miami Dolphins.

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