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Christmas Eve Report

Dumb And Dumber To opens today

Pop Quiz: A lot of celebrities are pilots and own expensive jets, the most expensive owned by John Travolta. But who owns and fly’s the most expensive Jet between Angelina Jolie, Harrison Ford, Jim Carry or Morgan Freeman? Movie Review:

“We Tried to Ignore this… butt”

Pop Quiz: Name the star who before becoming famous, was actually robbed at gun point when she worked at a cleaners. Is it Melissa McCarthy, Natalie Portman, Rosey O’Donnell, or Whoopi Goldberg? N.Y. Post Headline: Above that ridiculous picture of

NFL attendance is down

Pop Quiz: Name the star who says her dream was not to be an actress but to be a teacher. Is it Renee Zellweger, Nichole Kidman, Sandra Bullock or Eva Longoria? I would have loved any of them to be

Utopia a big success in England

Pop Quiz: What is Lindsay Lohan’s middle name? Is it Michelle, Morgan, Mia or Maria? TV News: How can a show be a huge flop here and a huge success in England? Utopia here was so bad, despite a 30

Ozzy will be knighted next year

Pop Quiz: Name the star that Russian President Vladimir Putin admits having a crush on. Is it Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie or Pamela Anderson? Love Nuggets: They keep denying it, but Nick Cannon and Amber Rose are together. … Sorry,

“Payback’s a snitch!”

Pop Quiz: Name the huge star who once was arrested for being in possession of a stolen car; was out with friends’ joyriding in a car that’s not theirs. Was it Cher, Jack Nicholson or Harrison Ford? First Pop Quiz

“Sick or Treat”

Pop Quiz: There has been 23 007 James Bond Movies, but according to the official 007 Bond Website, there are only 20 official Bond Girls, How many  of those Bond Girls are Americans? Is it 10, 5 or none? Movie

“Cash and Carry for Gaza”

Pop Quiz: What is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s favorite music that he listens to it on his I-Pod? Is it Black Sabbath, Foo Fighters, Leonard Skynard or Carrie Underwood? Love Nuggets: Russel Brand says the sexiest woman in the world

“Dame Yankee”

Pop Quiz: Name the star who says all she wants for Christmas is another baby! Is it Nichole Kidman, Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Garner? Love Nuggets: Spy Edward Snowden is still living in Russia, but did you know living with