Back From Hawaii

Back from Hawaii, great trip. If you’ve never been, put it on your bucket list.

Pop Quiz: Angelina Jolie often takes her kids shopping and says 80% of their shopping takes place in one store. Is it Sacs 5th Ave, Target, Walmart or Old Navy?

Before I forget saw a hilarious, albeit one of the most bizarre movies flying back to the mainland, Chicken People. A documentary about hundreds of people who raise chickens for show. Have a few drinks, get Chicken People on demand.

Odd Love Nuggets: Kanye and Kim’s 4 year old daughter has learned how to scream at the paparazzi not to take her picture, then flip them off. Sweet. More Kartrashians, you’ve heard that Kylie, the youngest of the porn skanks is pregnant and, like the others, single. I’m reminded their 10 year Anniversary TV show’s coming up, on the very first KUWK’s Show, Kylie, then 9 years old is shown working a strip pole that was placed in her bedroom. A strip pole, at nine years old. Enough said, I can say no more. … Jada Pinkett Smith is finally telling the world, Scientology sucks, it’s an evil cult. Meanwhile husband Will Smith continues to be a huge supporter along with his buddies, John Travolta and Tom Cruise. I think Scientology must have something on those three guys and is blackmailing them. One thing for sure, Scientology will now try and convince Will to divorce Jada. That’s what cults do. I also hear the IRS is looking into Scientology. Stay tuned. … And, Selena Gomez calls Woody Allen her 2nd father, she’s in his new film.

Very Odd: Is Suge Knight, awaiting his murder trial getting drugs in jail. How else do you explain his latest comments that Tupac Shakur is still alive.

Answer – Angelina and her kids have weekly shopping trips to Target.

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