“Ain’t that a shame”

All week long, the Pop Quiz theme are celebs who hate. Today, who hates Social Media, doesn’t have twitter, or any other social media account. Is it Brad Pitt, David Letterman, Tyra Banks or Jennifer Lawrence.

Just when you thought you’ve heard everything, New Yorker Magazine is going to drop more, new disgusting, vulgar news on Harvey Weinstein. Question, how could it be more vulgar and disgusting? Take my word, it is! And the NY Mayor’s race includes Libertarian candidate Aaron Commey, who stormed a 757 Jet cockpit with a gun in attempt to hijack it to Argentina in 2000, threatening to kill everybody aboard. Now, 17 years later he’s running for Mayor. Only in NY, and you thought you heard everything!

I was looking forward to the Coen Brothers new film Suburbicon, but, it sucks. Maybe stars George Clooney and Matt Damon should of spent more time checking out their best friend Weinstein’s behavior, less time making this crappy movie!

Great movie that opens today, Thank You for Your Service, true story of men returning from Iraq and war and their gut wrenching return to civilization. Heartbreak, saddening and awakening (3 Stars).

I want to remind you of some movies that are out now, and you need to see. First, Wind River the true story about the death of a Native American woman, scenery, acting and story (3 Stars). … Only The Brave, The true story about the brave Granite Mountain firefighters starring Josh Brolin and Jeff Bridges. One of the best movies of the year (4 Stars). … American Made, look, I’m not a Tom Cruise fan, however he shines in this true story about a triple agent, fabulous (3 ½ Stars).

NY Post Headline: On the sad news of Fats Domino passing away this week, New York Post Headline screams, “Ain’t that a shame.”

Answer – Jennifer Lawrence.

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