evansHollywoodSince June 1994, ON THE ROAD WITH MIKE EVANS has been entertaining and informing listeners across America with the latest news and the hottest scoops on Hollywood and the entire entertainment industry.

Starting with the O. J. Simpson murder trial, Mike has covered World Series, Super Bowls, Inagurations, and an Impeachment. There have been hundreds of Movie Premiers, several Moon Shots, twenty Academy Awards, and everything in between. Mike has interviewed

Presidents, sports stars, Hollywood stars, and news makers of every description.
If that’s not enough check out Mike’s complete bio HERE! His is a career which as crossed paths with Robin Leach, Sonny & Cher, Rupert Murdock, The L.A. Dogers, Superfan, KROQ and a whole lot more.

To hear Mike put it in his own words:

“Life has been very good for this High School dropout, and I give all praise to God. And the icing on the cake is my marriage to my great wife Cheryl while also getting two more great kids!