“A Bootin By Putin”

Pop Quiz: All this week, our Pop Quiz deals with famous people and where they’re buried. Today, where is Thomas Edison buried? Is it Texas, California, Pennsylvania or New Jersey?

Odds and Ends: Anne Hathaway is going to star in a Broadway play, called, Live Barbie. Gee, I wonder what part Anne will play. … Jack Black, grew up, lives and loves, Hermosa Beach, California, my old stopping ground. You can find him everyday, boogie boarding the pier, and breakfast daily at my favorite breakfast place in the entire country, Eat at Joe’s, in Redondo Beach on Pacific Coast Highway. … Neighbor’s say he is rude, loud, disgusting, vulgar, and a menace to the hood, he is Mickey Rourke, the hood is Greenwich Village, NYC. … Today is the last day you can go to Frames USA and Art Gallery of Miami website and bid on over 30 paintings by Bubbles, Michael Jackson’s former Chimpanzee. Paintings range from $500-$5000. Why would anybody do that.

Sports Nuggets: So Los Angeles gets the 2028 Olympics, and I hope to go. My biggest professional thrill was entertaining the athletes every night in the villages and having an all access pass for all events at the 84 Los Angeles games. Somebody paid $160,000 for the jersey worn by Yankee rookie, Arron Judge when he hit his first home run. Ah, he’s still a rookie and has hit a total 33 home runs. Question, why would anybody do that? … Mike Tyson is betting $250,000 on Floyd Mayweather to beat Conor McGregor.

New York Post Headline: Over the story that the President of Russia has officially tossed 755 American diplomats out of the country. Post Headline screams, “A Bootin By Putin.”

Answer – Edison is buried at Princeton University where he taught and lived, that would be Princeton, New Jersey.

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