5 Worse Dressed Stars in 2014

Welcome back and hope you had a great Christmas. Pop Quiz: Where did Jay Z and Beyonce spend Christmas? Was it Iceland, North Korea, Jerusalem or Hawaii?

Love Nuggets: Friends swear that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, who share a child have been secretly married as well, although publicly they deny it. And while on the subject of un-wed parents, scoop that Heavyweight Champion Wladimir Klitschko and Hayden Panettiere who have a daughter together will be getting married soon, maybe Valentine’s Day. … And scoop is, Emma Stone and boyfriend Andrew Garfield are talking marriage.

Odds and Ends: Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence who were both thrown under the bus by Sony executives, when hacked e-mails made fun of them for paying them into less money than male actors will never, ever work for Sony again. … What’s up with Paul McCartney, he’s always been known for going the extra mile for his fans, posing for pictures and signing autographs, now he refuses. … Next week is the Palm Springs Film Festival, in a few months Coachella Music Festival, and the line-up could change, I’m hearing, Foo Fighters, Frank Ocean, The Pixies, P-Diddy, Jack White and DJ, Paris Hilton.

TV Nugget: Not official but appears Robert Kennedy Jr. will be on Dancing with the Stars.

Just released the 5 Worse Dressed Stars in 2014. 5. Naomi Campbell 4. Kim Kardashian, 3. Lady Gaga, 2. Madonna and the # 1 worst dressed, Rihanna.

Date in History, Dec 29. In 1845, Texas became a State. … Birthdays, 1936 Mary Tyler Moore was born and sorry to report, Mary (78) is in very, very poor health. Born Dec 29, Jon Voight (76), Angelina Jolie’s daddy and Jon is in great health and Ted Danson, one of Hollywood’s nicest guys, is 67 today.

Answer – Jay Z and Beyonce spent Christmas in Iceland.

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