Day: July 3, 2017

Report for Monday, July 3rd

Pop Quiz: The 2017 Major League Baseball All Star game is a week from tomorrow in Miami, and Tom Hanks will be there, huge baseball fan. Your question, what is Tom Hanks’ favorite baseball team, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York

Report for Friday, June 30th

I have a movie review that features Jamie Foxx and he is the subject of my Pop Quiz. What is Jamie a super closet fan of, bowling, synchronized swimming, roller derby or professional wrestling? Love Nuggets: When Brad Pitt and

Report for Thursday, June 29th

Pop Quiz: What does Heidi always have with her for good luck? A paw of her dead dog, her first ring, a small bag of her baby teeth or a lock of her mom’s hair? TV News: The Smithsonian Channel

Report for Wednesday, June 28th

Pop Quiz: What surprising little known nugget is on Bruce Willis’ bio, did he have a Top 5 Record, Knock out a real boxing Champion, Volunteer LAPD Cop during the Watts Riots or has he’s written a book of poetry?

Report for Tuesday, June 27th

I have a Love Nugget and a quote about Madonna, so the Pop Quiz is also based on Madonna. Name the star who is Madonna’s distant blood cousin, Steve Buscemi, Mark Wahlberg, Tommy Lee Jones or Kid Rock? Love Nugget:

Report for Monday, June 26th

Pop Quiz: Name the hottie telling friends she might run for public office, Kris Jenner, Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, or Halle Barry? Love Nuggets: You just can’t make this up department. Bill Cosby, fresh off his Hung Jury trial is