Month: July 2017

Report for Monday, July 31st

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I Can’t Sit On This Any Longer

Pop Quiz: I have a movie review for you starring Charlize Theron. Who does Charlize say is her favorite actor/actress? Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Sally Fields or Marlon Brando? I can’t sit on this any longer, all of my sources,

“McCain and Able to Get It Done.”

Pop Quiz: Word that Kelsey Grammer is considering a run for U.S. Senate. Where was Kelsey Grammer born? Is it the U.S. Virgin Islands, Philippians, Costa Rica or Panama? Very Odd: According to a dozen college recruiters, the top 5

You Heard It Hear First

First things first, yesterday morning, I was the only reporter in the country to state as fact, that it was Justin Bieber’s new found faith in Jesus Christ that convinced him to cancel all future concerts. Yesterday afternoon, Bieber confirmed

“Wack You Very Much”

Pop Quiz: What does the average enlisted military personal make a month after his or her’s first year in the service, $1500, $2000, $2500 or $3000 a month? Love Nuggets: Good marriage, Michelle Pffifer and her husband of 15 years,

“No More Mr. Spice Guy”

Pop Quiz: An educational Pop Quiz, what is the dot over the letter “i” officially called? Is it a dat, a don, a ding or a Tittle? The real reason Justin Bieber has been banned from China, it’s not because

Report for Friday, July 21st

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O.J.’s Simpsons Parole Hearing Today

Pop Quiz: What does J-Lo never do? Drink alcohol, drive, swim or cook? O.J. Simpson’s Parole hearing is today. ESPN, Fox News, and CNN, will cover it live and commentary will include former LAPD Mark Fuhrman who found the bloody

“Womb For Improvement”

Pop Quiz: During WW2, metal was very scarce, what were Oscars made out of those years? Was it glass, clay, paper mache or wood? Love Nugget: The prenupt is signed, families have met, new house bought, just a matter of

Do You Play Chess?

Pop Quiz: How many different combination moves could be played in just the first 4 moves of a chest game, 3,000; 300,000; 3oo million or 300 billion? Will wonders never cease, Justin Bieber attends church with his personal pastor Carl