Month: June 2017

“They are Aiders of the Lost Bark”

Pop Quiz: Who buys the most Diamonds, Men or Women? For the record, 6 weeks from tonight, August 3rd, the first NFL Preseason game will be televised, The the Arizona Cardinals versus my Dallas Cowboys. Can’t wait. Politics and Hollywood:

“Born To Run… On Broadway”

Pop Quiz: O.J. Simpson could get out of prison in October and was asked what was the 1st thing he wanted to do. Did he say, see his kids, play golf, visit Nichole’s grave Or relocate out of the United

“Whip and Chain Of Command”

Pop Quiz: According to Gallup, which service do most parents encourage their kids to go into, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard or Marines? I told you it’s coming, and here it comes. Kris Jenner bragging her soon to be

“Great Balls of Sire”

Pop Quiz: Three of these ladies always go commando, they never wear underwear, but which one of these ladies always does wear underwear. Is it Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna or Halle Berry? Love Nuggets: Unbelievable, Huma Abedin is not divorcing

“Penn And Bare It”

Pop Quiz: Kerry Washington is one of the voices in Cars 3, which I will review in a minute. Just for your information she is English, Scottish, Jamaican, and American Indian. She wanted to be a dancer, question, who was

Here’s Some Word Trivia

Pop Quiz: What did the word Rap mean when first introduced in the United States. Was it Farting, eating, sleeping or dancing? TV News: Saw the first part of Oliver Stone’s 4 part interview series with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Could Be A Lost Cos”

[sc_embed_player fileurl= Pop Quiz: Name the star who’s real name is Tara Patrick. is it Courtney Love, Elvira, Shania Twain or Carmen Electra? Sad Love Nugget: Jim Carrey did not agree to any out of court settlement so, the wrongful

Lots of TV News

Pop Quiz: When she was doing speaking engagements, what did Monica Lewinsky charge? $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 or $25,000, mainly Q&A. Is it true Tiger Woods is in rehab for drugs and alcohol in Florida, an inpatient hospital, could be there

Hard to believe it was 23 years ago today.

Pop Quiz: Name the hottie who, years ago, was asked out by President Trump and she told him, thanks but no thanks! Is it Robin Wright, Pamela Anderson, Halle Berry or Salma Hayek? Hard to believe, it was 23 years

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