Month: April 2017

“Loogy Lady Spats At Judge”

Name the famous person not born in Hollywood, is it Richard Nixon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christina Applegate or Rory McIlroy? Movie Review: The Circle is a 21st Century high tech thriller that involves security, and social media run a muck and

“Have A Nice Delay”

Pop Quiz: Fist question, how many daily viewers does Dr. Phil have, 6,8,10 or 12 million? Second question, how many daily viewers does Judge Judy have, 6,8,10, or 12 million? Thought you should know, best hair plugs in Hollywood, Steve

“Born To Ride”

Pop Quiz: Friday I will review a great movie about intelligence called, Circle, which opens Friday, the 4 biggest stars are Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, Beck and Bill Paxton. It was the last movie Paxton made before his death. Before

Celebrity Sighting At My Grocery

Pop Quiz: World wide what do folks spend the most money on, Boob jobs, Hair plugs, Botox or Viagra? Celebrity Sighting: Went into my grocery yesterday and bumped into William Shatner, Christoper Lloyd and Jean Smart, they were in the

Blanket Lives An Odd Life

Pop Quiz: Who is the best celebrity Chess player, and all these folks are good. Is it Woody Harrelson, Woody Allen, Nick Cage or Sir Anthony Hopkins? IRS is investigating Kim Kartrashian, Kourtney Kartrashian, LeBron James, Rihanna and Michael Phelps,

New York Celebrity Sighting

Pop Quiz: An odd question, name the star who, in high school, was on the swimming, golf, track and tennis teams. He’s also has had all of his teeth capped, plays guitar, and he is banned from China for life.

Report for Thusday, April 20th.

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“Kim Out To Launch”

Pop Quiz: Name the star whose parents are rocket scientist and worked on the Hubble. Is it Drew Carry, Jack Black, Adam Sandler or Tina Fey? While in NYC, I’m going to give you little facts that may help you

From New York, Great Day Here

Pop Quiz: Baron Trump, 11 years old, excels in one particular sport. Is it Soccer, Ping Pong Bowling or Archery? While in NYC, I’m going to give you great facts that may help your life. Today, If you go to

Report from New York, April 17th.

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